Cooking-with-a-Hyphen potlucks can take place anywhere: indoors or outdoors, small or large, at someone’s home or backyard, at a public park, a community center, church, mosque or synagogue.

There is no set format. You only need a table(s) for people to sit and eat the foods they’ve brought to share. Ideally that’s a family-size dish of 4 to 6 servings, so others at least get a sample.

If it’s a dish from someone’s culinary heritage, great! You can also ask your guests to bring something from their favorite cuisine, such as cornbread, enchiladas, spaghetti and meatballs, bagels… all part of the hyphenated foods millions of Americans eat every day.

To make your potluck as inclusive as possible and invite other interested new people in your neighborhood or town, register it through People Power, the grassroots mobilization platform of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Under “Event name” please enter “Cooking-with-a-Hyphen” and under “Event name” enter Event “Diversity potluck”.

There is also a Cooking-with-a-Hyphen Facebook group where you can communicate with other hosts and post your potluck photos.